"Let Food Be Thy Medicine" - Hippocrates

Health is going mainstream.  People are getting much more conscious about what's in their food, their beauty products, questioning antibiotics, medicine and challenging the entire medical field.    It's not just the Whole Fooder's anymore.  Farm to table, urban farming.  Gluten, No GMO movement.  Cannabis Oil and juicing are curing cancer.  There are too many new "natural products" like "almond milk" that are not natural, but people trust the packaging and don't read the ingredients.  

There are products like ours that exist-- at Erewhon, Whole Foods but you don't know what to buy and you can't remember the brands---too Mom & Pop, bad packaging, non-memorable.  For example, I can buy a natural deodorant, made from a crystal rock at Erewhon, but first I have to try it, see if works and if I like it I can never remember the name of the brand:   Weirdo Hippie Rock Deodorant.  Or if I can't remember the name, I can't even remember the packaging.  The mainstream isn't going to go to all this trouble.    

This brand is:

Fresh-picked-from-the-farm products that:   

- Prevent sickness

- Cure a sickness

- Replace your existing everyday chemical-ridden beauty products  i.e. a deodorant with aluminum to 100% coconut oil 



  • Farmers Market type branding, after a coyote (spunky, playful, fearless, rebellious - electric, raw and driving)

  • Made in small batches, handcrafted.

  • A coyote's totem is humor -- the trickster.  They are the teachers of hidden wisdom and reveal the truth behind illusion. A coyote is a "way-maker" of new direction. The heart of his energy is the balance of wisdom and folly that makes for a fulfilling life.   Your doctor is sneaky (giving you pills, charging you exorbitant prices, health insurance ripoffs) , but Sneaky Pete is sneakier.  (knows food can cure you) 



  • Farm to Farmaceutical.  
  • Concept and packaging based on the French Pharmacie.  
  • All high end beautiful packaging, geared toward Barney’s crowd, not Whole Foods.
  • You’d see it in Vogue.  
  • Packaging like Rodin -- (below) 
Left:  French Milk Bottles.     

Left:  French Milk Bottles.  


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